Created by Emiliana Design Studio, the June outdoor lighting collection is inspired by traditional Chinese lanterns. The designers referenced the iconic image of lanterns illuminating an alfresco summer gathering, translating it into a refined collection for Vibia. The moon-like spheres recall festive garlands festooned throughout a courtyard, garden or patio, casting a warm, ambient glow.

Emiliana Design Studio studied the unique challenges of outdoor lighting for years to create the June collection. The use of latest-generation LED technology enabled the precise illumination effect they sought—focused, yet diffuse, bathing a surface in soft, indirect light from above.

Designed to attach to walls, trees or any vertical surface, the luminous spheres produce a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere perfectly suited for outdoor entertaining.

The hanging versions include multiples of 3 and 5 light points, moon-like discs that provide indirect lighting or light globes for general illumination. Another option is the single hanging mobile version, perfect for bringing light where necessary, that be supported on a wall or hung from a tree. The latter features distinctive paired discs that provide an added design element: Bordering the LED light source on both sides, the reflection from the discs creates the striking appearance of a series of crescent moons suspended across the night sky.

June is also offered in an anchored floor lamp, with single or double light spheres, and a table lamp, with a single cable light source or contact tray that holds a trio of lights.

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