The philosophy of SUPERLIFE is: ‘Do not do like the others’. This young Swiss furniture house constantly seeks to offer improved objects: better thought out, more functional, more durable and able to significantly improve everyday life.

The collective SUPERLIFE was created in 2014 by two young Swiss designers: Edrris Gaaloul and Cyrille Verdon. The two friends started to work together during their studies in ECAL Art school in Lausanne.

above and above right: The SUPERLIFE family just got bigger and presents their brand new lamp: Funambulb. Inspired by the techniques of chandlery, its long cable allows it to be moved or hung very easily in any interior space. Adjusted by making knots, it can coordinate with most other elements.

SUPERLIFE studio settled into the forge left to Edriss by his father, in an old industrial warehouse of Leclanché in Yverdon les Bains. Transformed into an office / workshop, the space is now occupied by impressive machines, which inspire these free-thinking designers to come up with their projects. They’re a younger generation of Swiss designers always ready to challenge themselves, working with a variety of materials that include metal, wood, plastic and plaster.



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