The Türalihus is a stately home in the village centre of Valendas in the Swiss Alps. Its core construction goes back to the year 1485, making it one of the most historically valuable of buildings and thus under monument protection.

Karin Briefer from Selected Interiors had the task of filling this building with Swiss design classics and / or furniture from Swiss designers. The result is a charming combination between history and the present. ‘It was important to me that the guests feel comfortable. So I selected modern furniture with valuable materials so as not to have a museum effect. To experience living in the space today, the house and its old stories are treasured in the crucial balance achieved between old and new,’ she adds.

The house is operated by Ferien im Baudenkmal (holiday in the monument), a project of the Swiss Heritage Protection at the interface of tourism and historic preservation. Selected Interiors develops furnishing concepts for high aesthetic and functional requirements, be it for private residences or the public arena.

Photography: Gataric Fotografie



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