A family home in the French countryside of Vaucresson, in Paris’ western suburbs, exudes the typically boho charm that distinguishes many Parisian homes. Vaucresson is a commune in Hauts-de-Seine and is under 15km from the centre of the capital. The Vaucressonais who live there enjoy abundant parkland; 22 of its 308 hectares are classed as natural zones.



Today Vaucresson is principally a wealthy residential community and has the ninth-highest household income of any commune in the country. It’s rich in history and has an interesting architectural heritage and many classified or listed monuments.

The contemporary fixtures and furniture within the lustre of the structure’s classic decorative architectural details effectively creates a timeless or unifying experience. Essentially here, tradition and contemporary design merge to hold an invigorating tension that lets us feel at ease, refreshed.

The first hot air balloon set off from the Chateau de Versailles, 19 September 1783, and landed in Vaucresson, carrying a sheep, a duck and a cockerel. The demonstration was held in front of Louis XVI and the royal family in the palace forecourt.

Also called the Terraces, Villa Stein was built in the 1920s by Le Corbusier. Its façades and roofs were listed historical monuments. In a typical purist style of the architect at the time, the building reveals a beautiful blend of glass and concrete.

A replica of Mount Vernon, George Washington’s residence, was built in 1930 on the occasion of a colonial exhibition in Paris. It was then transported to the heart of Vaucresson. Walking through the town, visitors can discover: the Vaucresson Castle in brick and stone; built in the mid-19th century – the House’s old-church shows its original gargoyles; the Villa Besnus on plans by Le Corbusier; or the art deco Edelweiss Villa.





Green spaces abound in the town of Vaucresson on the lines of the Balloon Square, or the Great Farms Square.

The homeowners – a young couple with three children – wanted to maintain the original layout of the house, protectively preserving its architectural features, and then chose functional, contemporary furnishings that create a fascinating contrast with the classic decorative style of the building.





In the living room dominated by large windows overlooking the garden, a corner composition of the Adda seating system has become the favorite gathering place of the entire family that spends much of its time here. Numerous side/tray tables lend the sofa added versatility. A Bangkok ottoman and upholstered Magi daybed contribute dynamic flair.





In the dining room, the oval Zefiro table is surrounded by Feel Good chairs and armchairs upholstered in a soft, sophisticated lobster-colour velvet. Dishes, glassware and other table necessities are neatly stored in the sumptuous mahogany Piuma hutch, conveniently placed near the table.





Much loved by the homeowners is the small but enchanting winter garden, home to many plants and a comfortable Ortigia Outdoor armchair.





In the bedroom, the clean lines and generous padding of the Groundpiece bed, paired with the Feel Good ottoman and Jiff and Fly coffee/side tables, create restful harmony.




Beside the fireplace, the Thomas armchair offers an inviting reading area.




During the summer, the family spends much of its time outdoors. The garden in front of the house hosts the Zante sofa, with its sophisticated structure in iroko wood, an Ortigia Outdoor armchair, a Phuket ottoman and Fly Outdoor coffee table.

location: Vaucresson, Hauts-de-Seine, Paris France
stylist: Virginie Lucy-Duboscq
photography: Didier Delmas

furniture by: flexform