Yaniv Sebbag was born in Israel, but has lived in South Africa for most of his life. He is a gemologist by profession and an avid entrepreneur that has invested in various businesses in different sectors and countries. He has developed hotels in Wilderness, Western Cape and in Zanzibar, and adds: ‘to name but a few’. His current Cape-based business specialises in outdoor furniture, which he imports into South Africa.

When, why and how did he become interested in outdoor furniture design?

He recalls: ‘Having been in the South African hospitality industry, I noted a void in the market for luxury outdoor furniture at competitive prices. I then consulted with a friend that works in the outdoor furniture industry on the international market and recognised what I considered to be a window of opportunity for the South African market. With the help and knowledge of a company that has been trading in outdoor furniture internationally for over 20 years, we brought Gardens & Roses to SA.

‘We’ve discovered that the best materials for the South African climate are powder-coated aluminium, teak, textilene, glass and rope. Our suppliers make use of progressive technology in the craftsmanship of what are essentially beautiful pieces. With this in mind, we also visit various international trade shows to remain totally aware of high-end international trends.

‘So at G&R we’re proud of our brand for being innovative, modern and up to date. A recently added example design imbues natural simplicity inspired by the best of Nordic minimalist design, which complements our existing ranges. This new collection was launched at the 2017 Homemakers Expo and was enthusiastically received by both trade and retail clients. With the retro style making a big come-back, Bloomingville has introduced a stunning reinterpretation of classic designs with Japanese-inspired traditions that keep craftsmanship precise and simplified.

‘Only the best base products are used in the manufacture of Bloomingville. Be it the stoneware and cork from Portugal to the fabrics from India – utilising such high-quality products is necessary and is synonymous with the Bloomingville brand’s signature.’

For the full article see Habitat #265 May / June 2018

visit: www.gnrsa.co.za


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