Setting up a lockdown location is essentially plug and play, but the other key brushstroke to master is how the ergonomics function to contribute towards maximum efficiency and productivity. Unforeseen distractions abound – bright moving sunlight, screen glare, unwelcomed backdrops for online video communications, oblivious kids, intruding partners, meandering pets. The list goes on.

To retain the level of professionalism and required focus required, the time has decidedly come to give this space some TLC, the reciprocal perks of which will be well worth your while. As often it turns out to be when administering care and attention.

If you’re in for sprucing up your space and maximising style and functionality, locally designed and manufactured Plantation Shutters offers these five tips to setting up a peaceful and productive home office:

Find inspiration in design elements

Plants, artwork, furniture – that create an environment that help you feel your best. You will be more productive in a room that effuses joy.

Natural light is the key ingredient of a successful home office
Views to the outside improve productivity and feelings of well-being. If natural light isn’t an option, use nonintrusive floor and desk lamps.

Buy a laptop riser, and a wireless keyboard and mouse

These three additions enable one to sit more comfortably, be more productive and feel more professional.

Find a hidden place for printer

Figure out a clever way to hide the printer – it’ll make your space feel much more streamlined.

Keep desk tidy

Having lots of things on your desk (as nice as it is to have them all in reach) makes one feel cluttered and overwhelmed – create space.

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