Transform even the most ordinary surfaces of your home to create striking living spaces by using decorative tiles to express your personal style. In Europe, it’s not uncommon to find cathedrals and cafés making use of decorative tiled floors and walls acting as their own unique art installation, and there is no reason why you cannot bring this creative flair into your own home.

When it comes to decorative tiles there are so many creative options on offer and limitless ways to express yourself. There’s indeed a decorative tile for every taste and style. If you’re not sure where to start with experimenting with decorative tiles in your home, the team at WOMAG have identified some options that may suit different personality types:

The Creative Personality

With a strong willingness to try new things, and the capability to think outside the box, people with a creative personality type are open and curious, making the Livorno decorative tile the perfect choice for their home. This black and white tile with its hypnotising pattern sparks imagination, originality and creativity. Suitable for all indoor floor applications and wall features, this matt finish tile is perfect for those wanting to be adventurous and create a striking focal point in their home.

The Conscientious Personality

Sensitive to the needs of others, respected and well-liked, the conscientious personality is humble and cheerful, translating directly into their style of home with modest finishes and carefully selected furnishing. The Gatsby vintage-inspired tile creates a classic and timeless charm for whichever wall feature you choose to use them for. Exclusively available from WOMAG, choose from colours like bronze-flecked shimmering teal, copper, white or charcoal for a thoughtful and eye-catching feature.

The Attentive Personality

Organized and consistent, the attentive personality type works well within the rules, brings order to chaos and has a meticulous eye for detail. The Dortmund Hexagon and Dortmund Hexagon Border tiles are great for this personality by creating a uniform, reliable and polished look, suitable for all floors and walls in the home. This personality may also enjoy the creative uniformity of the classically patterned Torino Blanco decorative tile.

The Outgoing Personality

Extroverted and prone to action rather than contemplation, the extrovert personality type has many décor tile options to choose from. Bold and assertive patterned tiles create a social and outgoing space complementing the personality, and the clear primary and secondary colours in the Lumier Blue does just that. With its matt finish this tile can be used on both the floor and walls for an authentic daring design. For a more muted blue, choose the Coimbra decorative tile. Suitable for all indoor and covered patio floor applications and all wall applications.

The Planner Personality

Driven, and self-aware the planner personality type enjoys timelessly elegant touches in their homes, and will appreciate the Bolonia Gris decorative tile, as well as the Carrara White or Nero Marquina Marble Hexagon Mosaics. All are suitable for both floor and wall applications and create a seamless and honed look. These tiles are perfect for those seeking a simple and uncomplicated yet classically elegant decorative tile.

Visit WOMAG’s website to view their full range of decorative tiles or get more inspiration on how to apply decorative tiles in your home here. Alternatively, head on over to one of WOMAG’s showrooms for a personal consultation on how to inject your personality into your space with WOMAG’s extensive range of decorative tile.

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