2020 is the year to take up the challenge to consider every flooring, countertop and wall feature choice you make for your home as an investment. Throw out the tactical trends and fads and refresh your home with timeless tile and countertop choices.

Choosing the perfect material for your home renovation project can be incredibly challenging. There are endless sources of inspiration available out there and despite all the research, articles and Pinterest boards you’ve gathered, you’ve likely noticed conflicting advice.

The team at WOMAG (South Africa’s most reputable supplier of natural stone and porcelain tiles and slabs) will guide you on how you can approach tile and countertop decisions that will give your creativity longevity, and cut through the clutter on “what is” and “what isn’t” on trend for 2020.

There are three guiding principles to trend-test your choices to ensure your home is ready for (at least) the next decade when embarking on a home renovation journey:

1. Choose your canvas carefully

“To ensure the spaces in your home don’t date, get your foundation right first,” says Oren Sachs, Managing Director at WOMAG. The foundation in this case is your hard finishes.  Neutral and classic-look tiles and countertops should form the canvas of your home. Combined with beautiful countertops and contrasting or striking wall features, you are set to dress your home with soft finishes to achieve a particular look you are interested in.

Tip: If you want to follow a current trend that you truly love, do it with décor items that could be easily replaced, rather than hard finishes.

2. Select your supplier wisely

Work with a reputable supplier who can help you carefully evaluate your space and supply you with product suggestions that showcase your unique style, suited for the relevant applications. Don’t feel obligated to go with the latest trend just because someone tells you to. “When we visit international exhibitions, we carefully evaluate what is being showcased and then consider what would work best for the South African market,” explains Sachs. Understanding the market so instinctually only comes with decades of experience, giving the team at WOMAG insight into which global movements will best suit South African homes.

3. Purposefully plan each space in your home 


There is a fair amount of talk around ‘the kitchen of the future’. Make sure you set up your kitchen for your future. WOMAG is your natural choice when it comes to slabs for kitchen countertops with a large variety of exquisite feature granite and Phoenix Stone engineered quartz.

Open plan kitchens with statement islands crafted from beautiful and durable granite, Phoenix Stone marble- or stone-look slabs for countertops are always a good choice.

Granite is one of the hardest materials found in nature, making it almost indestructible and durable. It is a hygienic surface, highly resistant to scratches and stains. Apart from being practical, granite, like WOMAG’s Matrix Brushed granite slab, adds a sense of opulence to kitchens, bathrooms and even commercial spaces.

Phoenix Stone is made from at least 93% quartz, which brings long-lasting surfaces to every home. With materials that mimic the movement and look of natural stone, like the Nova Calacatta Phoenix Stone, which provides a clean-lined design for modern and cohesive countertops or backsplashes.


Marble is ideal for creating a bathroom haven. Marble tiles and slabs create an elegant, opulent look and is well worth the investment. Opt for natural shades for a timeless, luxe feel.  If you want the marble-look but are a little tight on budget, the possibilities are endless with WOMAG’s marble-look porcelain tiles. The innovations in porcelain tile printing now allows for a more realistic resemblance to the stone or material it is intended to mimic, delivering an elegant natural look to your home.

When updating your bathroom, it is important that you bring in classic materials that create a solid foundation. Natural, classic-look tiles and wall features create a space that can be enhanced by your soft finishes. Mix materials in your bathroom by, for example, pairing wood-look tiles with a marble vanity for a timeless look and feel in your bathroom. If you are looking to explore and inject a touch of personality into your bathroom choose a striking décor tile.

Living Room


The living room is the hub of your home, a space to share and relax with friends and family. A space that is inviting, functional and enjoyable. Dress your living room with fun finishes as the trends evolve and change to complement your carefully selected hard finishes, like a matt finish porcelain tile. You will be able to effortlessly style your living room if your tiling, cladding and wall feature choices, are timeless and on point. A great example is the beautiful Arctic Ocean granite slab.


The ideal outdoor investment should be both practical for the whole family and create a beautifully welcoming space. In/Out Technology Tiles does just that! With various wood-, stone- and marble-look finishes these tiles will have your outdoors being equally stylish and functional. In/Out Technology Tiles have a matt finish but become non-slip when wet, so if you want to make your outdoor pool and patio area a functional space, these are the tiles for you. Added bonus: they work equally well indoors.

Here’s a few tile-shopping-tips from our sales team for 2020!


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