Getting your home ready for summer? Although you probably don’t need to do a complete makeover, there are several improvements you could consider to transform your home’s outside spaces into an entertaining-ready summer haven.

The first step is to decide what you would like to achieve: are you looking to bring in an element of fun; do you prefer more functional solutions; or do you want your outdoor spaces to be an attention-grabbing feature?

Now that you’ve decided on what you want to achieve, the team at WOMAG – South Africa’s most reputable supplier of natural stone and porcelain tiles – want to save you hours of searching for inspiration by offering the following top tips to creating a refreshed outdoor look:

1. Fun

If your main objective is to create a fun and relaxed environment while getting your home entertaining-ready, think brighter, lighter and bolder. Options could include outdoor kitchens with unique backsplash designs, a colourful wall feature for the kids’ area in the garden, or carpet-look tile flooring for the patio.

The Bolonia Gris décor tiles from WOMAG will bring a fun feel to any outdoor kitchen.

Kids love colour! Spark joy and imagination with a colourful Hexagon tile feature wall creation to mark their play area in the garden.

For a modern rug-look tile effect option for the patio, go with an artisanal feel like the geometric Balmoral Azul tile.
2. Functional

During summer your outdoor spaces become your hosting spaces. Choose tiles that are both practical and beautiful, like the In/Out Technology Homestone Pearl porcelain tile. Since they become non-slip when wet, In/Out Technology Tiles allow you to fully enjoy your indoor, patio and pool areas without having to worry about slips and falls. In/Out Technology Tiles – which WOMAG recently introduced to the South African market – are the ultimate functional solution if you’re seeking a seamless look from your interior to exterior spaces.

The Bengala Cold In/Out Technology porcelain tile with a matt finish creates a seamless look to safely connect your indoor and outdoor spaces.

3. Feature

If you enjoy making a statement throughout your home about your love for all things creative, then consider products that resemble pieces of natural looking “art” to complete your summer haven. A beautiful outdoor kitchen countertop or eye-catching pool feature will do just that. Make these features stand nature’s test of time and invest in durable materials like natural stone or porcelain.

The Lemurian Blue is a magnificent labradorite gemstone with its iridescent blue and green crystal elements.

For a show-stopping pool wall feature, the Fusion Iris porcelain slab provides an explosion of colour with a bold yet elegant design for an unforgettably striking installation.

For more inspiration on how to update your outdoor areas for summer, visit one of the WOMAG showrooms nationwide or visit their website for more information.

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