The Aston Martin of the modern showerhead. When it comes to outfitting bathrooms with showers, taps and basins, Hansgrohe’s quality, craftsmanship and attention to detail cannot be understated. When it comes to sensual design, practicality and simplicity, Hansgrohe’s work stands head and shoulders above the rest.

So it should be no surprise that when it comes to a showerhead with the finest features, highest industry standards and largest contribution to eco-friendliness; there is only the Raindance E150. Made by Hansgrohe.


A Jet Like No Other

The Raindance E150 Air is a three-jet hand shower with a number of special features. The design is sleek, smooth and rounded, evincing a relaxing experience with practical attributes, flowing at up to 9 litres per minute. With a 150mm head, the jets can be set to one of three spray types.

The RainAir spray type gives a soothing spray with water droplets that have been enriched by air inside the shower head. This gives a soft and plump feeling to the water, soft as a summer rain.

The Whirl is a swirling spray type, massaging the body to remove the stress of the day. This helps relieve tension in the neck and shoulders as the helix swirling spray gently loosens your muscles.

The Mix features the best of both!



The most important feature that comes with the E150 is EcoSmart. Hansgrohe’s EcoSmart is an incredibly useful evolution in the world of showers and taps, as EcoSmart products consume up to 60% less water than conventional products. With less hot water being consumed, there is a major reduction in energy consumption as well, saving money and the environment in one fell swoop.

The Whole Package

The Raindance E150 Air is certainly one of Hansgrohe’s strongest showerheads on the market, evincing all of the quality, stature and respect that comes with Hansgrohe’s exceptional name.

So the question is, are you ready to dance in the rain?

hansgrohe. Meet the beauty of water!



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