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We are proud to present you with a sensational new product online: living habitat

After celebrating 47 years of remarkable print publishing history – the first issue of habitat magazine being in 1973 and the last in 2020 – we’ve made a very well-considered and confident return in a different guise and medium.



These years of experience mean something. It means we survive crises and pandemics.

Like most of us, you’re probably sourcing even more mediums than usual to ensure and multiply the recognition of your projects, products, skills and specialist services

We like to think that our title has been instrumental in developing leading creative economies over the past decades. Fast-forward to the present and watch us in the process of creating a focused, yet versatile and very useful interactive site that reveals the best of South African and international design and innovation on a regular basis.

Our audience trusts and admires us for consistency. They always have. We’ve built not just an audience or a following, but true fans: real people who are genuinely invested in living habitat and in you, our client’s, work. In other words, a community is being built. These people look forward to new content, and. . . they tell their friends about it.

How many in the community are talking about us and visiting us to find your product / service on a regular basis?

30+ thousand active users to date and growing.

This community we’re building leads to word-of-mouth marketing (easy sales). And, it leads to connection. And this connection, we celebrate. Community leads to… everything good.

living habitat’s unique strengths and perspectives:

People can choose from dozens of brands and titles to find options that fix their lifestyle and design cravings, surely.

But, there’s a group of people who prefer feeling special and different. It’s that simple. Some of them actually are special and different. And they’re the ones who bought our sumptuous and exotic magazine for decades, and they’re the ones now visiting living habitat.

This ‘special and different’ segment is underserved in the current lifestyle-hunting public and our platform exclusively targets this group. Showcasing ‘upper-echelon-everything’ is not a unique idea, but the kind of concentration we unanimously and symmetrically focus on the themes of luxury and wisdom together with compassion for planet and community is what differentiates us. This is what makes us stand out. And at all costs, we refuse to compromise this image and role. We’re relied on for this consistency.

Captivating features bring living habitat visitors into the homes of aesthetes worldwide, to interviews and news about burgeoning cultural sectors and their skilled practitioners. Exploring the appeal, history and culture of carefully chosen topics, plus sections on art and design, living habitat showcases products and services for what is a new marketplace that evolves with the need to live, work, purchase and create from home.

The fabric of our ecosystem’s content is sought after by those who still appreciate and afford the best. Its inspiration derives from the insight we’ve gained via a very close  inspection of our niche target audience. We’ve identified what they want and need. We know our ideal reader. Your product / service is what they’re looking for.

It’s a transparent fact that living habitat represents a valuable marketing tool and if you follow your intuition, as we have, it’ll be easy to grasp the core of possibility available to you here.

living habitat will continue to be a very dynamic and supportive environment where we share with our readers the way you, our client, chooses to adapt and the way you choose to thrive through the world’s changes.

Tick this important advertising box for yourself and let’s build on the living habitat community together.

Now is the time to get on board. We want to be there for you. We guarantee a beautifully curated reading experience, executed with patient consideration, dedicated to creative writing and superb photography.

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The Edition will appear monthly – updated weekly: 8 major features monthly

The 8 major features will embrace architecture and interior design, plus FOCUS features, such as Kitchens and Bathrooms, Flooring and Lighting, etc.

Featured material remains as a link for 2 months.

Additional features will appear regularly on the main platform:

Design Metro, Update / NEXT, Reading Matters, Motoring Road Tests, Art Reviews, Top Tables / Restaurants, Wine / Liquor News, Design Interviews / Personal Signature (designers architects) & regular FOCUS features

Main banner Home Page              – R 8000 contracted or – renewable monthly

FP/FC as background – R10000 – in 1 X feature i.e. each page – in the month. Inc. 1/3 column at right of features for detail pp.   i.e. this can offer 8 clients space per monthly issue via the 8 major features.

Habitat Living selects who appears where, unless it’s a specific position to comply with a client.


Display FP/FC as single page within or end of specific feature           R10000


1/2FC  vert or horiz    end of specific feature                                  R  5500


1/3FC                      within or end of specific feature                       R  3500


Sponsored editorial / advertorial pp per monthly edition            R  8000                            


Packages such as catalogues online, videos, social media posts, and multiple categories will enjoy discounted rates.  i.e. If a client wishes to appear in a Kitchen and Bathroom FOCUS feature – in both sections – a discount would be offered for placing two adverts within the feature..

Client links and click-throughs will be charged at R500 each

Classified listings: Habitat Living Special Services R300 per month (habitat back door

Newsletter will appear every 2 weeks min 4 X pages  

Advertising on right vertical column 1/3pp or horizontal strip pp R3000                      

NB: These rates represent a 2/3 discount (i.e. 66%) on the print edition.     


For advertising enquiries contact:

Gary Graham – tel: 076 315 2111 

Amanda Graham – tel: 083 629 1828