“Everything happens in the kitchen. Life happens in the kitchen.” These are the words of famous American chef Andrew Zimmern; words which represent Hansgrohe’s sentiments towards the room which is often the nucleic centre of the house. With an extensive variety of kitchen products available, Hansgrohe is here to help you tailor-make the perfect kitchen for you.

The Family Kitchen

It’s quite often the busiest place in the world – or at least, it certainly feels like it. The cook is preparing meals, the kids are orbiting the room like misguided comets and the animals are sloppily lapping at their water bowls. There is often a general exchange of news, dropped bags and keys, glasses of water being fetched from the tap and the all-around hubbub which can only be found when the human to pet ratio has broken even.

This is a kitchen which requires a ton of storage and workspace; as well as plenty of available tabletop for whatever items need to be quickly discarded as family members trounce in and out.

A large double sink, like Hansgrohe’s S71 or S51, would go fantastically here, in their largest custom form. Due to the practical needs of the household, going with a tap with a pull-out spout is a great option. The Talis M52 is the gold standard here, with EcoSmart technology saving you both water and energy.

The Almost-Pro Chef

This is the kitchen of a true foodie. Here, all the products are geared toward cooking functionality and ease of use. The first step is a truly high-quality kitchen tap, one that will stand the test of time.

The Metris Select M71 is a clear contender, with its pull-out spout for washing all sorts of dishes and its jet technology. It also has the Select feature, allowing you to turn the water on or off with just a simple touch – even when your hands are full. Adding in the ComfortZone and EcoSmart features, this is an excellent choice.

Two sinks, next to one another, would be the logical choice for the amateur chef. You want enough room to clean all of your pots and pans with minimal fuss. Any of Hansgrohe sink options would work wonderfully in tandem with your Metris tap.

The Kitchen for All Ages 

This kitchen is characterised by minimalism and efficiency. The concept here is to arrange all of the appliances ergonomically – which is a fancy way of saying that the arrangement should sensibly match your height and physical capabilities. This is to ensure that people of all ages can use the kitchen without worrying about back pain, reaching too far or bending too low.

On top of ergonomics, this kitchen will require good lighting and minimal clutter, to ensure ease of movement and long-range sight.

Of course, in terms of the tap, you will need something very easy to use and with multiple capabilities. The Talis Select M51 would be the perfect partner. Featuring the Select function, water use is a breeze, while the QuickClean, EcoSmart and ComfortZone all combine into a true faucet-powerhouse. On top of all of that, the M51 also has AirPower – infusing the water droplets with air to make for a more pleasurable water-to-skin experience.

Lots of sink space will be key, to ensure that the multiple users of the kitchen all have enough space to wash and dry dishes effectively. The S51 range of sinks from Hansgrohe will step up to the occasion with aplomb.

Find Your Own Peace of Mind

While the above are just examples, the simple truth is that Hansgrohe has everything you need to craft a kitchen which is an extension of yourself.

Hansgrohe products. Your kitchen. A truly unique style is yours for the taking.

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