When is a bed not a bed? When it’s la différence!

When Sealy decided to create a bed that completely redefined comfort, opulence and quality the spectacular result was la différence.

It’s the difference you see and feel on the outside, with ultra-sensuous fabrics, textures and materials that draw you into their gently supportive embrace.

It’s the difference on the inside, where generous layers of wool, luxurious super latex foam, memory foam and the world’s finest comfort fills deliver sleep quality that is unmatched by anything you’ve ever experienced.

And it’s the difference you feel all over, the moment you lie back and relax, gently releasing yourself to a deep and wonderfully revitalizing sleep.

You have to feel the difference to believe la différence!

Words alone cannot come close to conveying the remarkable level of luxury, comfort and support that’s built into la différence. If you’re planning to buy a new bed and nothing but the best will do, take a trip to a select Sealy stockist and try out la différence. But be warned: once you’ve experienced la différence you’ll want a la différence. Nothing else will do.

Say la différence the French way, because everything sounds better in a French accent.

First word: la Pronounced: ‘lu’ as in lullaby baby)

Second word: différence Pronounced: (first part) ‘diffy’ (second part: the hard part) ‘r’ should sound as though you are gargling, while ‘-ence’ should be pronounced ‘auns’ (as in aunts, but with a silent ‘t’).

Got it? Well done!

For more information go to sealy.co.za

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