Waz Outdoor’s high-quality designs make a luxuriously bold and different statement in outdoor living areas. Striking outdoor innovations such as their signature collection of floating furniture inspire decorators, designers, hoteliers and discerning homeowners, and now Waz Outdoor have introduced another visual wonder to their stylish collections: The Waz Outdoor Hanging Gardens Collection.

These lush new Waz Outdoor additions comprise meticulously created giant kokedama of 50-65 kg and are a first of their kind in South Africa. The Hanging Gardens form a spectacular display of greenery as they’re almost surreally suspended in the air on a patio, in an atrium, along a walkway or any outdoor area in need of a showstopper.

Like an original work of art, each Waz Outdoor Hanging Garden is a carefully crafted masterpiece. The creations are skillfully constructed from just the right mix of moss, soil, and the crowning glory – a splendid selection of 12 to 15 different plant species, including a few rare finds. Eco-friendliness is key and the organic components are held together like a luxurious green tapestry through intricate stitching and enforced by a robust, but aesthetically pleasing structure of corrosion-free stainless-steel.

Their earthy nodes and ridges are part of the Waz Outdoor Hanging Gardens’ allure and lend each one its own charming character. As the plants grow with time, the Hanging Gardens become more and more lush, taking on a life of their own with gloriously green foliage bursting and trailing from the spheres of moss and soil.

The Hanging Gardens Collection offers a choice of three “habitats” that are themed according to a hand-selected assortment of distinctive plants that have been expertly curated by a horticulturalist. To make it truly one-of-a-kind and unexpected, each Hanging Garden features a different combination of plants, depending on what is seasonal and abundant. Subject to eco-friendliness and availability, the selection can also be customised according to bespoke requirements.

The African (R8 500) is inspired by the untouched beauty of Africa and its breathtaking natural landscapes. This hanging garden is suited to semi-shade/morning sun areas and includes indigenous beauties such as hen and chickens, natal ivy, succulent bulbs and asparagus fern.

Inspired by the abundance and exotic charm of the jungle, The Amazon (R8 500) flourishes in shade or semi-shade and features a lavish variety of plants that include delicious monster, ivy, bromeliads and ferns.

The Sahara (R7 995) comes alive with sumptuous succulents and is inspired by the rare splendours of the desert. Its hardy delights include stonecrop, spekboom, Chinese sedum and money plant, and it’s well-suited to areas where sunlight abounds.

While some of the plants selected for The Hanging Gardens Collection are waterwise, watering is required from time to time and a convenient irrigation drip system (R1 850) can be included in its development phase as an optional extra. The irrigation system can also be automated at an additional cost.

Waz Outdoor’s development team realise each venue’s hanging area will be different and have therefore devised a few simple hanging solutions to ensure these magnificent living features retain their fascinating appeal of hovering weightlessly in the air, despite their impressive size and weight.

Waz Outdoor’s Hanging Gardens Collection can be viewed on www.wazoutdoor.com, or contact Sarah on 082 4455 798 to arrange a visit to their Cape Town showroom to see these unexpected creations.

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