Paola Lenti is a sponsor of Freespace, the 2018 edition of La Biennale Architettura. The theme selected for 2018 focused on an architecture conceived for the human being and his living environment, capable of discerning the most genuine and intimate qualities of spaces and always respecting natural resources. The adherence to these principles has prompted Paola Lenti to support such a prestigious exhibition. The essential simplicity of the seatings (Float, Orlando and Otto) and the colour shades of their covering fabrics become part of the architectural language expressed in the settings at the Arsenale, the exhibition site of La Biennale.

Paola Lenti projects continue to mirror the search for balance between beauty and the ethical awareness in the inimitable style that originates from an accurate choice of materials, from ceaseless chromatic experimentation and the ideal synthesis between handwork and technology. Paola Lenti’s creativity stems from the desire for perfection; a perfection where the parts complete each other thanks to a blend of forms, colours, weaves and interplays, which reveal the soul of the objects, bringing spaces to life and conveying a sense of beauty.



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