A leading green-wall supplier that places equal emphasis on functionality and accessibility as it does on the visual impact their products create, Vicinity’s systems make it possible to create green walls that thrive for the long term and don’t require extensive unsustainable care.

Whether you’re creating a vertical garden purely for visual appeal – to add greenery to office space, hotel lobby or restaurant – or you want the garden to function as a propagating space for herbs and vegetables, the system is adaptable and modular, easy to set up and use, contrary to the common misconception.

‘We’ve developed a revolutionary system that significantly reduces the risk associated with vertical gardens, as well as taking the complexity out of constructing them,’ says Ricky Frankental, co-founder of Vicinity.

Further adding to their broad usability is that the systems are suited to both indoor and outdoor use and as a result can be used in myriad executions, from urban farming setups to commercial settings or residential spaces.

For residential users, the idea is accessibility, and whether you task a landscaper with setting the system up, or do it yourself, it’s designed to be easy to use, and able to adapt to any dimensions no matter how limited. Automated, made in part using recycled materials, low maintenance and modular (and therefore infinitely versatile), Vicinity’s green walls are an ideal solution for urban gardening in any size space where convenience is crucial.

Sean O’Connor from Living Green Walls is one of Vicinity’s expert implementers and chooses Vicinity products precisely for their plug-and-play approach. The plant project specialist, which offers turnkey solutions for living walls and green roofs, is passionate about greening up urban spaces. ‘The fact that the system is modular means that you can scale it according to your project. It also gives you the option of pre-growing everything off-site for a clean and simple installation,’ he comments. For this and other reasons, including the hexagonal shape of the pots (which offer an instantly planted up effect), O’Connor finds the Vicinity systems outpace their competitors.

For this project for a Johannesburg homeowner, O’Connor used a soil-based modular living wall system designed for flat vertical surfaces. Here he wanted to create a fresh green backdrop with unique forms and colouring, to contrast with the clean white finish of the kitchen. The modularity and extremely customizable nature of the Vicinity system allowed him to effectively ‘paint’ the tones using plants, placing them exactly as he’d visualized to create the desired effect. ‘Because you can pre-grow the plant plants in the system off-site you can achieve instant coverage from day one, avoiding a grow-in period which for some plants can take over eight weeks,’ he says of the ability to design and plan the end result to a more exacting standard.

The Vicinity system consists of a pot kit (hexagon pots, geotextile planting bags and aluminium rails). In terms of nuts and bolts, the modular tank system allows you to easily facilitate water catchment under your pots, avoiding water wastage and allowing seamless indoor use. Lastly, the irrigation element – the kits come in multiple sizes depending on your needs and the project’s requirements and include pumps, filters, connectors and piping, where applicable.

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