With this latest evolutionary step the elemental geometry of Puck Wall Art has been finished in felt. The textile covers the basic profile lending it a tactile quality and diffusing the light with a warm intensity. The new version transforms the light fitting and evokes the latest trends within interior design and architecture, where re-evaluating the use of textures provides new perceptions of space. This is a design that inspires the creation of mathematical configurations with a dynamic spirit.

Conceived by Jordi Vilardell as a compositional wall mural, it allows interior designers and architects to create inspirational combinations and groupings. It provides an indirect ambient light and its technical conception allows for up to 40 units to be connected to a single electrical point.

Puck Wall Art is based on a light unit with two superimposed discs. Slightly concave and of differing diameter, the larger of the two envelops the smaller both in a physical and lighting sense, diffusing the emitted light. There is also the option of a single disc that projects its light directly over the wall surface. The fitting conjures images of a multiple solar eclipse with light halos that overlap and dissolve into one another, an ethereal and sculptural lighting installation.

Colours and finishes come together to generate subtle and contemporary ambiences. The felt sheath, which is available in two tones of grey underlines the lightweight feel of the lacquered aluminium version and perfectly complements it. The lacquered finish is available in two tones of grey, and cauldron brown. The discs are available in two different diameters, 30cm and 45 cm, offering a LED light source between 2,700o K a 4,000oK to select from for the desired warmth.

Puck Wall Art as an individual wall lamp provides a subtle ancillary light suitable for: living rooms, dining rooms and circulation areas, and also for contract spaces. When featured in murals the assembly of multiple units generates a harmony of ambient light. This is deal for highlighting specific areas within cultural institutions, such as museums, large convention halls or hotel lobby areas.

VIBIA light fittings are available in South Africa from Streamlight, Kramerville, Sandton.


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