The Lounge Pillow, available only at Vencasa-Tempur showrooms, features a shredded foam interior that makes it soft and supportive. It’s designed to keep one comfortable while reading, eating and sitting upright in bed, or even on the couch. Its overfilled shape supports the upper body, while the arms reduce shoulder strain.

Vencasa understand that our bodies, minds and souls deserve quality sleep, and provides a range of exceptional sleep solutions to ensure it. Vencasa was born from the legendary and reputable Pharmaline umbrella, is medically informed, scientifically sound and aesthetic. The showrooms are where scientific research and product development complement an understanding of the sleep industry. Vencasa is the exclusive distributor of Tempur products, and world-famous brands such as Magniflex, Velfont, Reed Family Linen and their own Vencasa Signature Collection.

There is currently a gap between expensive sleep solutions and cheap mattresses which have a short lifespan and are counterproductive to health. Pharmaline, CEO says: ‘Essentially, our value proposition is to provide the greatest sleep products at a practical price.’


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