location: Tel Aviv | architects: PazGersh | Architecture + Design – Zvi Gersh, Sharon Rosenzwaig | interior design: PazGersh | Architecture + Design | photography: Amit Geron

This apartment is located in a new high-rise tower in the city of Tel Aviv and was designed for a family with two small children. It was completed in 2017 and spans a total area of 400 square metres.

From the outset the design program was to formulate two separate wings: a private wing with two bedroom suites, a children’s playroom and a service area, plus a leisure wing, which has an entertainment room, guest bedroom and an office with a private entrance.

These separate wings are connected by a public space, which contains the living room, kitchen and dining area. The architects say that this is a design format inspired by modern contemporary New York apartments.

They add: ‘Our design concept was to interpret and domesticate the urban material, such as bare concrete, raw steel and grey granite. The solution was a fusion of urban elements with natural materials: interior wood panels and several shades of natural stone, in order to create a warm and welcoming domestic harmony.

‘The presence of urban views and natural sunlight proved to be an important factor in the planning of several functions in the general floor plan.

The private wing is located in the south, taking advantage of the sun during daylight hours. On the other hand, the public areas were planned on the north and west directions, which are positioned adjacent to the shoreline views of Tel Aviv’s beaches.

‘The design idea was to enhance the horizontal proportion of the multifunctional public space and to frame the views of the Tel Aviv skyline in the interior façade. For this reason, almost all the materials we used were of horizontal orientation; examples being the casting of bare concrete and the direction of wood veneer.

For the full article see Habitat #265 May / June 2018

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