What is a pellet fireplace?

Pellet fireplaces are highly efficient, fully automated, and programmable heating systems. They utilise wood pellets as fuel which is very economical, easy to handle and store and produce high heat outputs without harming the environment. Calore pellet fireplaces (more specifically Calore’s exclusive brands “Piazzetta and Artel – Made in Italy”) guarantee a long burn time with a thermostatically controlled self-regulating capacity as well as practical programming management. The user can set the desired room temperature and the fireplace will then automatically adjust its output to maintain the temperature selected. Pellet fireplaces can also be programmed to turn on and off at set times. If you are looking for a no-fuss, efficient, and customisable heating solution for your home, these Pellet Fireplaces will suit your needs perfectly.

What are pellets?

Pellets are man-made fuel produced from wood waste (100% pure pine sawdust) sourced from sustainable plantations. No tree is ever cut down for the sole purpose of producing pellets and is thus far more sustainable than any other fuel source. Pellets have far higher combustion efficiency because the binding process reduces moisture to less than 10%, compared to that of an average log, which is typically 50% moisture by weight. Calore Pellets are packaged into 15kg bags, which make them far easier to transport and store than wood logs.

Pellet uniformity also allows the pellet fireplace to measure fuel quantity accurately, to feed in a more precise amount of fuel to generate heat.

Because ash is a non-combustible mineral residue, it can be disposed of as inert (chemically inactive) solid waste. However, many people who burn wood pellets use the ash as fertilizer or compost.

The benefits & features of a Calore Pellet Fireplace:

  • Can be switched on at the touch of a button.
  • Fully automated.
  • Programmable. The user can program the fireplace to automatically switch on / off at specific set times.
  • Room temperature is set similar to an air-conditioner.
  • Pellets are fed automatically from the hopper.
  • Very low ash content of 1% of burnt pellets.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Available in various styles and colours.
  • Far superior efficiency ratings than the average wood-burning fireplace.
  • Wi-Fi compatible for increased control via an App installed on your smartphone from anywhere.


Get more by opting for a Piazzetta Pellet Fireplace

Piazzetta Multifire System:

Piazzetta Pellet Fireplaces are fitted with their patented Multifire system. This system allows for even heat distribution throughout the room by drawing warm air in at the top of the fireplace, then super-heating this air via a special, sealed heat exchanger. This super-heated air is then distributed into the room at floor level by means of fan systems. In conventional heating, warm air will simply rise to higher levels of the room leaving the air near floor level cold.

Visit this link to find out how Multifire also allows for the ducting of warm air to other parts of the home up to 12 meters away for the Pellet Fireplace.


Piazzetta Multicomfort:

By selecting the desired room temperature, Piazzetta Pellet Fireplaces will self-regulate to maintain this temperature much like in the case of an air-conditioner. The temperature is read via a room probe attached to the fireplace. MULTICOMFORT allows the user to utilise the remote control to measure the desired room temperature. This means by placing the remote control further away for the Pellet Fireplace, the desired temperature will then be achieved at that point.

Furthermore, the Multifire System allows ventilation speed to be adjusted depending on the requirements of the rooms to be heated.

For example, the appliance is installed in a small room and the air is only directed to the rear by selecting the remote control unit for temperature detection and positioning it in the room where the hot air has been ducted, it is possible to make the appliance operate based on the temperature of that room.

Piazzetta Energy Saving:

The ENERGY SAVING function allows the appliance to start-up and shut down automatically based on the required room temperature set by the user.

Piazzetta Natural Mode:

For completely silent operation, NATURAL MODE lets the user switch off the hot air ventilation motor (fitted as standard) manually. The Piazzetta Pellet Fireplace then switches to minimum power and heat is disseminated only by natural convection. This may be very useful when the fireplace is installed in a bedroom.



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