Stefano Bigi presented the Infinity Table to Italian manufacturer Porada as an aesthetically powerful project, but surely not one easy to produce; featuring as it did a solid wooden base curved to create a sort of sculpture. But Porada believed in the project, examined the best way to create it and subsequently succeeded. Infinity was born as a coffee table and later, a dining table. Today it’s a best-seller. Every day of the year an Infinity table is delivered to a home around the world; from Spain to Japan and from China to South Africa.

Infinity has received many international awards. Says Stefano Bigi: ‘I try to create emotion, to invite people to use my furniture when they see it. I don’t intend to create pieces for museum collections; my furniture is made to be lived with.’ He adds: ‘My work with Porada engenders a fertile, beautiful dialogue between my idea of design and their incredible manufacturing experience; it brings my pieces to life. After eight years of success, Infinity has become synonymous with Porada as an iconic modern table.’

Underneath the sculptural wooden base is a circular chrome baseplate that synergises with the warmth of the wood. The table top is glass, now available in clear, smoked, frosted back-coated black, extra-light frosted, back-coated white or granata. Glass tops vary from rectangular to circular and oval, with single or double base formats and in various dimensions.

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