project: Sassen Residence | architect: SALT | photography: JD Van Der Walt

For nature lovers who love the forest, its untamed freedom and its incomparable strength, this kind of building feature and application makes sense. It has the ability to reconnect residents in urban environments to the organic beauty and tactile benefits of nature; making the soothing effect of the forest graciously available.

Thermowood is an ideal foundation and material for an ecological design regime, and for healthy building and living. Every Lunawood product is an authentic piece of Nordic forest and is the result of years of dedication to sustainability.

project: Marasi Floating Homes By Admares | architect: U+A | photography: Joni Rantasalo

Suitable for all climates and types of weather, it’s dimensionally stable and resin-free. These unique properties make for an endless source of inspiration for architects and builders to create versatile projects around the world.

project: Private Apartment in South Africa | architect: Yogas Reddy / Ruben Reddy Architects | photography: NPP

Lunawood is a pioneer and a market leader of Thermowood. Production started in 2002. The company employs 100 professionals in Finland, at its production units in Iisalmi, Kaskinen and Joensuu, as well as at the Head Office in Lahti and in its main export markets.

project: Serengeti Estate | architect: Anthrop Architects | photography: Anthrop Architects

The mills in Finland transform high-quality Nordic pine and spruce into beautiful and long-lasting Thermowood. Bringing the soothing effects of Nordic forest to where it otherwise would not be.

project: Skibby Børnehus Kindergarden | architect: Nordic – Office of Architecture | photography: Frøslev

For any architect or end-user, it’s a relief to know that the social, economic and ecological sustainability of Nordic wood is safeguarded by law. These certifications and requirements ensure the regeneration and good growth of forests, making this product a choice that allows us to rest reliably assured that our impact is minimal and that we can design versatile exterior and interior applications in all climates.

project: Demänova Village | architect: Ing. arch. Jakub Loučka, XYLO Atelier | photography: XYLO Atelier

Superpower Alert: Wood functions as a carbon storage medium during its entire lifecycle. Sustainably produced and applied, this material becomes a renewable and climate-friendly raw material by causing significantly less climate and environmental damage during its lifecycle compared to tropical woods.

When tropical rainforests are felled, they do not regenerate.

The future relies on present choices. If you know the kind of positive impact a close connection to nature can have on your life as the world becomes crowded and polluted, Lunawood is available to support your appreciation of its gifts and helps you to enhance this connection.