The Tubmarine, a new wood-fired hot tub set to revolutionise the market has launched in the UK today. Combining expert craftsmanship and quality, eco-friendly materials including Kebony wood, the Tubmarine heats up in under two hours, and requires no electricity and little maintenance, making it a perfect addition for your garden in 2020.

Chris Galley, founder and creator of the Tubmarine, has worked tirelessly over the past six years with the best engineers and suppliers throughout the UK and Europe to perfect the product and create a wood-fired hot tub, combining outstanding engineering with sustainable materials and stunning design. Today, the Tubmarine is now available to purchase for £15,450.00 (inc. VAT) and comes with a 25-year guarantee.

The Tubmarine is made from 80% recycled, high-specification parts and materials, and directly responds to the growing need for eco-friendly home and outdoor products. Kebony was the only wood selected to clad the Tubmarine, which is manufactured in the UK. The Tubmarine’s dimensions are as follows:

  • Overall height (excluding chimney) 1015mm
  • Overall width 2038mm
  • Overall depth 2014mm

The Tubmarine’s physical properties include:

  • Corrosion-resistant
  • Made from 80% recycled materials
  • 100% fully recyclable
  • Hygienic
  • Kebony timber
  • Made from sustainable fast-growing softwoods
  • No additional wood treatment required

Selecting materials which were sustainable, strong and maintenance-free in equal measure was essential to ensuring the vision for the ultimate wood-fired hot tub was realised. In addition to Kebony’s environmental credentials, the wood was a perfect choice for the Tubmarine due to its outdoor lifetime guarantee of over 30 years. Developed in Norway, Kebony’s revolutionary technology is an environmentally friendly and patented process which modifies sustainably sourced softwoods by heating the wood with furfuryl alcohol – an agricultural by-product. By polymerising the wood’s cell wall, the softwoods permanently take on the attributes of tropical hardwood including high durability and hardness making it the ideal timber for the Tubmarine.

Chris Galley, Founder of Tubmarine commented: “When I set up Tubmarine, I realised that I needed to use a timber that would complement the robustness of the stainless steel. I needed a hardwood, but it had to be sustainable. After much research, I came across Kebony and it ticked all the boxes: durable, stable, environmentally friendly and aesthetically beautiful. It’s central to the stylish design and I’m delighted with the result.”

Adrian Pye, International Sales Director of Kebony added: “We are very pleased with the final design of the Tubmarine and its fantastic to see Kebony used so extensively. In 2019, Kebony was used mainly in all scales of residential and commercial buildings, but the wood is so versatile and can be the perfect choice for a huge range of products too. The Tubmarine is a perfect example of this, and we’re very proud to have been involved in its design.”

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