Cersaie 2018 – in Bologna, Italy was reconfirmed as the not-to-be-missed appointment for international professionals in the world of architecture, interior design, retail and contract sectors. Here, SICIS introduced new ideas, both in terms of mosaic and Vetrite material, with inimitable characteristics for surfaces and coverings. Together with the main mosaic collections – and the unreleased glass slabs lines of Vetrite – the Ravenna-based company created various rooms to allow visitors to capture the essence and the beauty of its products.

In addition to the quality of the products and the particular workmanship, emerged the high aesthetic value. Also the possibility of mix and matching the countless collections with mosaic patterns in vitreous paste, or other materials and Vetrite, capable of introducing elegance to the living environment while offering harmonious solutions of liveability.

SICIS showed fluid spaces, light, colour and unusual suggestions for walls and floors of varying styles. In some displays the essential design in which the decorations have been elaborated was enlivened by an unexpected detail: a glass lamp and a minute mosaic, or a chair with bright velvets – elements from SICIS collections.

The fascination of the artistic mosaic, the result of a very high creative capacity and mastery of the technique, was further enhanced by the use of Vetrite also in 3D or backlit; sometimes satin finished. For flooring, Vetrite illustrated its versatility and great visual impact. Intersected lines, circles and semi-circumference geometry was expressed both in classic and timeless black and white, and with colour; seen in the form of patterns manifested as mosaic games from the various collections.

Vetrite Gem Glass, glass slabs in large dimension and polymers obtained from a complex research process, allow the interpretation of walls as immense palettes. These give great personality to living spaces and can be considered not only as an important stylistic element, but also functional and practical fixtures.

visit: www.sicis.com

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