This 1997 timepiece has a feature that counts down the time before a regatta begins. Frederique Constant is bringing back this rare nautical complication for avid sailing enthusiasts.

Twenty-two years after the first regatta watch,  the Regatta makes its celebrated comeback in 2019. This one is part of the collection renamed Yacht Timer. The name could not be more fitting since the Regatta has a built-in timer that counts down the critical 10 minutes before the sailing vessels set off for the race.

Regatta racers can use the countdown to find the best position for dashing out front based on the wind and the other vessels — and without ever having to go over the imaginary starting line. This is a tactical and crucial manoeuvre demanding a precision instrument that can be read at a glance since they have to keep raising and lowering the sails to hold position as close to this line as possible.

Right in the race

Frederique Constant has not designed a “nautically-inspired” timepiece, but rather a genuine regatta watch that is operational in race conditions. The perfectly readable original display from 1997 was left unchanged. It features five dots at the top of the dial. Each dot represents one minute. The top button activates the first countdown that slowly turns all the points from white to blue, the contrasting colour of the dial. Five minutes have passed when all five points are coloured.

Then the second countdown starts to mark the last five minutes before the race begins. This time all five points gradually turn orange. When the final and fifth point is orange and the second-hand strikes noon, the regatta is on!

Flawlessly engineered finishes

Everything on the Yacht Timer Regatta is designed for legibility. Since the only complication on the timepiece that should be the centre of attention is the countdown timer, the engraved dial captures every reflection of light. The indexes are faceted to constantly display a shiny polished side that can be seen regardless of the sun’s angle. The hands and indexes are filled with luminescent material for overcast days.


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