location: Athens, Greece | architecture: Jenny Nomikou | interior design: Liaigre Design Service – Déborah Comte-Liaigre |  photography: Luxproductions – Jean-François Jaussaud

Driven by an endless quest to create visible, yet sensitive perfection, this house of 800 square metres is testament to international interior design and decoration of the highest ilk. It was the first time Liaigre Design Service worked with this private client, a Greek businesswoman with a refined taste.

The designer recalls: ‘As our client has important professional responsibilities, she wanted to be able to share pleasant moments in her home, when not at work. Her desire was to enjoy the house and its numerous outdoor areas with her family on a daily basis, as well as with both friends and family during weekends and holidays. This house is meant for gatherings and parties, not so much formal ones, but rather more for intimate and casual moments.’

The owner was looking for a signature which was simple but high-end. A unique, elegant ambiance and style that is typical of the work of this globally renowned designer. It’s an atmosphere that perfectly combines elegance and superior quality with great everyday comfort. Says Déborah Comte-Liaigre: ‘Our designs are intended for homes that are truly alive’.

There are five terraces here and these outdoor areas are absolutely vital for the overall look and feel of the house. Exterior furniture is one of Liaigre’s specialities, so Déborah Comte-Liaigre was very happy to design furniture for these areas. This was to prove challenging as all five terraces can be seen simultaneously from certain angles of the house. She adds: ‘We therefore had to ensure an overall harmony while maintaining the individuality of each separate area. We don’t often have the opportunity to tackle so many outdoor spaces in a single project, so this – together with other fixtures – was a great opportunity to give free rein to our creativity.

‘An interior example is the chandelier I created for the stairwell, which was built in our Paris-based lighting factory because of its tremendous size; after all, it had to extend over three floors. Being extremely heavy, we also had to pay special attention to the roof structure strength.

For the full article see Habitat #264 March / April 2018


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