The BLOCK Africa is a family business where their pieces are handcrafted by Pamela Ramsay Lewis and her son, Austen. Months of work go into these unique pieces to bring out the life of the grain and leaving the natural shape. Each piece of wood is hand-picked and unique, created into a table with love. Every grain is crafted to ensure that the life of the wood is exploited to the maximum. 

They carefully select each slab of wood for its shape, feel and grain. It has to talk to you. Says Pamela Ramsay Lewis: “This is a work of art, feeling the heart of the wood as it takes shape.”

The passion for natural wood fitting into a modern home has been the inspiration for their work.

Inserts of pewter, copper and glass, to name a few, bring out the contrast and compliments the steel or chrome legs, creating an art piece and not just a table.

Their pieces are popularly used as patio tables, desks or reception area tables to make a wonderful talking point and statement with a variety of finishes and inlays to compliment each client’s desires.



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