The Big Seven by Will Taylor and Gerald Hinde is a celebration of the most riveting animal species on the African continent and took over 15 years to produce. The finished product is an extraordinary combination of world-class photography and captivating storytelling.

The visually enticing coffee table book focuses on an extension of the traditional classification of the most difficult animals to hunt or view: lion, rhino, buffalo, leopard, and buffalo, with the addition of the wild dog and cheetah.

Say this creative duo: So while the Big Five retained their appellation’s as the most sought-after animals of the chase, for us as photographers and other visitors to Africa, the two species that also blinked large on our radar screens were the other pair of predators of the savanna – the swift, athletic cheetah and the pack-hunting, ruthlessly efficient African wild dog’

Gerald Hinde is a highly-skilled wild­life photographer and has produced numerous award-winning wildlife books and documentaries.

Will Taylor earned advanced degrees in both zoology and bo­tany from the University of Natal and went on to become a wildlife bio­lo­gist and Senior Ranger of the MalaMala Game Reserve in South Africa.

Gerald Hinde and Will Taylor allow the reader to vicariously track, observe and experience these species through striking imagery and storytelling. This elegant tome is a definite must for any wildlife enthusiast’s library.

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