Research has shown that we spend over 60% of our day in the kitchen, so whether it’s cooking, eating, entertaining or relaxing, we all want our kitchens to look stylish and elegant, so when it comes to dressing the windows, Plantation Shutters are the best all-round solution for many reasons:

Easy to Maintain

Plantation Shutters are very easy to maintain. With the rigidity and width of the louvres, they are easy to wipe clean, and they don’t hold onto unwanted dirt or cooking smells.


Shutters offer the best solution in terms of privacy. A simple tilt of the louvres and you can vary the levels of screening according to your needs – whether you want complete privacy or just a slight screening.

Light / Air & View Control

The wide louvres mean that with a very slight movement, the louvres can be opened to allow for light and airflow, or the louvres can be closed completely, to keep the winter warmth in.


Plantation Shutters can be colour matched to the colour of your kitchen cupboards for ultimate coordination, so whether you want a particular wood stain or colour, we will find the best shade for your kitchen. Alternatively, colourful shutters are a fantastic way of adding a pop of colour to modernise any kitchen.

Add Value to your Home

It’s well known that a beautifully designed kitchen adds significant value to your home, and our elegant Plantation Shutters will give your kitchen the ultimate finishing touch, with stunning effect – not to mention added kerb appeal!

Plantation Security Shutters as an option

If Plantation Security Shutters are installed in a kitchen, they allow for a window or door to be left open with complete peace of mind.

Shutters as Dividers

Another popular solution is to install Plantation Shutters as dividers between a kitchen and a scullery or dining area – the shutters can be left open when free movement between the rooms is required, but they can easily be closed as necessary.


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