Every so often a designer or architect comes along whose unique style makes a statement to such an extent that you can’t help but take notice. One such person is Theo Bothma, who is both an architect as well as an interior designer and founder of TBAD architects and designers.

Specialising in high-end homes, his style of architecture reveals a passion and thorough understanding of materials, which he combines to create a unique aesthetic that is both visually stimulating as well as integrating seamlessly with the surrounding nature. This is something many try to achieve, but Theo seems to continually get this right while still experimenting and pushing the boundaries of modern design. His methodology is to create a balance between all aspects of a home which takes both the surrounding landscaping as well as the interior into consideration.

True unity of an interior space and the surrounding architecture can only be achieved if both elements are conceptualised together, and this is where Theo excels. Although some projects only require interior architecture and design, his passion lies in creating the entire eco-system. To create a unified structure, it is vital that the interior space flows fluidly into the exterior areas and that all materials, both internally and externally, are in complete harmony with each other.

One of the most critical aspects of the modern home is lighting, both natural and artificial. This is something which is often overlooked in the built environment. Theo studies each area in great detail to ensure there is a flow of natural light and moods which define each interior space, and this is achieved through electrical lighting. A home needs to suit the owners’ current lifestyle as well as their future aspirations, and this is where Theo’s human-centred approach comes to the fore. He ensures that he understands how the client lives, works and entertains.

It is essential that an interior space has distinct focal points which catch the attention and set the mood for the rest of the space. Theo has a love for art and Object d’ Art, and this allows him to execute these focal points naturally, without the result looking contrived.

Technology is moving at a rate of knots and Theo ensures that he is continually up to date with advances as well as future technologies. Therefore, he can incorporate these into his work to ensure that his homes are “future-proof” without needing to continually incur additional costs as we move towards the age of the Smart Home.

Based in Johannesburg, Theo works throughout Africa and has already sparked interest from discerning homeowners across Europe and the US.

visit: www.tbad.co.za

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