Celebrated French designer, Thierry Mugler, was once quoted as saying, “I am an architect who completely reinvents a woman’s body”. It’s this often overlooked but close connectedness between architecture and fashion, that Taylor Blinds & Shutters has long understood.

Architects and fashion designers alike use colour, shapes and lines, to create form and structure; but in both art forms, it’s the selection of material that truly brings a piece together. It’s this appreciation that informs the way the company designs its window dressings.

“When we’re putting together a design for a customer, we know how important top-quality materials are, and our designers are heavily influenced by the same trends that inspire the work of fashion giants,” says Taylor Blinds & Shutters Managing Director, Anthony Mederer. “As the leading brand in the window and door coverings industry, we understand that our products need to enhance the aesthetics of the environment and create a specific context for the people who live in the space. What we really do is blur the lines between architecture, design and fashion practices.”

Long gone are the days of home or office window treatments taking a back seat in designs – neutral fixtures selected on functionality alone. Thanks to industry innovators the likes of Taylor Blinds & Shutters, the humble blind is taking its rightful place centre stage as a design element in its own right.

“Window decorations are more than just products; they are an expression of style and individuality. Our collections are a result of the inspiration we draw from fashion, architecture, art and nature. We look at the developments of today, and classics from history to create window covering collections that are innovative yet timeless,” says Mederer.

Customers of Taylor Blinds & Shutters can select fabrics that are both functional, including UV resistant, humidity regulating and fire retardant, while at the same bang on trend. Our top three trends of the season are:

Satin and shine

Satin was the dominant fabric at the 2018 fashion shows – firstly for its ability to elevate any silhouette, and secondly for its fluidity and lightness. This trend is echoed in Taylor Blinds & Shutters’ metallic look fabrics – a refined woven texture with a subtle glitter effect in a palette of subdued precious metal colours, like gold, bronze, silver, copper and platinum.

Colour drenching
The phrase “colour drenching” is typically applied to interiors, used to describe a room that’s been covered, floor-to-ceiling, in varying shades and tones of one hue. But the trend has translated onto the runways in 2018 with Max Mara and Victoria Beckham dressing their models in the exact same pigment from head-to-toe. Taylor Blinds & Shutters have added a host of new colours to their fabric selection, including warm naturals as well as fashion statement colours such as raspberry and petrol that will help you bring this trend home.

Powerfully masculine

Multi pockets and multi zippers are all the rage for the multi-hyphenated women of today, and masculinity is having a major fashion moment. In-keeping with this trend, Taylor Blinds & Shutters has introduced a jacquard-woven fabric to their range. The even weaving structure, blended wool-look and dark colour palette in which the fabric is available underlines the powerful, masculine look and feel of the fabric.

“Taylor Blinds & Shutters offers a fantastically large range of textures and patterns that echo the trends of the day, and blend fashion with functionality. For us, being able to deliver a product that is aesthetically pleasing and is in vogue is key. That being said, we also know the importance of using high quality, innovative materials,” concludes Mederer.

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