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The perfect book for lovers of fine food and travel, especially for those who own or plan to purchase a Miele Generation 6000 cooking appliance.

The latest cookbook by the celebrated Melbourne-based chef, restaurateur and Miele ambassador Shannon Bennett – Cooking All Over the World – is a collaboration of epic proportions.

Written in real time following Bennett’s whirlwind journey through 19 cities in 70 days  – London, Mexico City, Shanghai, Toronto and Budapest are just a few of the city destinations featured.

A mix of dishes that harness innovative ideas and enhance the flavours of fine produce while using the best kitchen technology are interspersed with reviews of best hotels, restaurants and guides to the very best places to visit, drink coffee and source wonderful ingredients in each of the ‘Miele’ cities.

We hope this book “…inspire[s] cooks everywhere to expand their skills and see what can be achieved.” – Shannon Bennett

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