Studio Masson, the tile and slab couture brand, have just released their exciting new collections. Aside from the aesthetic and design we’ve come to expect from the brand, the handsome new collections, exclusive to Studio Masson, once again bring in an eco-friendly texture to the showroom floor.

More than just a pretty surface.

“Designing with low impact and creating innovative spaces that embrace sustainable living is no longer a trend on the fringe,” says Heidi Masson, co-founder and co-owner of Studio Masson. “The majority of our product offering is deemed eco-friendly as the products are made entirely of natural materials without toxic resins or chemical binders; conforming to the stringent European Green Standards.”

“Some of the most talked about and innovative products available are from Fiandre’s Active 2.0, Active 2.0 Clean Air & Antibacterial Ceramic™, available on their collection of tiles with a specific “active” finish resulting in them becoming self-cleaning tiles and slabs with clean-air (removes air pollutants on contact) and anti-bacterial (kills 99,99% of all harmful bacteria on contact) properties. The “active” ingredient is found within the body of the porcelain and cannot be worn off over time as it is applied to the tiles and slabs at high temperatures,” says Masson.

As part of their Sustainable Development Goals manifesto, the United Nations has said it is up to industry and businesses to develop their own ways to move toward more sustainable and eco-friendly manufacturing and products. They have said that technological progress will be the foundation for environmental objectives. This thinking is most definitely reflected in not only Studio Masson’s existing ranges, but also in their newly released ones.

Adds Masson, “Most of our products are made up of 30% to 40% recycled, non-volatile, non-polluting materials. Furthermore, they are manufactured in state-of-the-art production facilities meeting all the highest eco-standards.”

Aside from the sustainable advantages, Studio Masson is known for their innovative large-format collections that offer the illusion of natural components such as wood, stone and concrete but without the fragility and wear-and-tear of these products.

“This is a whole new way of looking at tiles and slabs. There are no longer boundaries and limitations to the achievement of architectural realisations. The beauty of nature can now be combined with the exceptional and practical physical attributes of fine porcelain and glass,” says Heidi Masson. She adds that another first in South Africa is their extended Sicis collection (Studio Masson boasts the only Sicis showroom in the country). One of the collections within the Sicis range, the Vetrite collection, has garnered much attention. The various colours and textures fused between two glass sheets result in extraordinary tiles that encapsulate and boast every beautiful detail.

Studio Masson is proving that it is possible to blend exceptional design and sustainability philosophies into commercial and residential architecture.

For more information on Studio Masson and its product offering, visit the website: | phone 087 550 7988.


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