Blending exceptional design and sustainability philosophies into commercial and residential architecture, most of Studio Masson products are made of 30 to 40 percent recycled, non-volatile, non-polluting materials and are manufactured in state-of-the-art production facilities.

Studio Masson is known for its innovative large-format collections that offer the illusion of natural components such as wood, stone and concrete, but without the fragility and wear-and-tear of the authentic products. One of the collections within the Sicis range, Vetrite, offers various colours and textures fused between two glass sheets, resulting in tiles that showcase every beautiful detail.

Some of the most talked about and innovative products at the studio are from Fiandre’s Active 2.0, Active 2.0 Clean Air & Antibacterial Ceramic™, available in their collection of tiles with a specific ‘active’ finish resulting in them becoming self-cleaning tiles and slabs with clean-air (removes air pollutants on contact) and anti-bacterial (kills 99,99% of all harmful bacteria on contact) properties. The ‘active’ ingredient is found within the body of the porcelain and cannot be worn off over time as it’s applied to the tiles and slabs at high temperatures.


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