Why should Winter be all doom and gloom? Something Desired has recently launched their bright, cheerful and bold range: Sorbet Collection 2019 – think cheerful colours and a variety of textures, fabrics and finishes. Launched in 2017, Something Desired is a front-runner in the field of décor and design, offering clients unique pieces that suit their style and space.

“We turned our attention to fruit, how it feels, how it looks and mostly how people connect it to Summer,” explains Founding Owner of Something Desired and Something Different, Kate Shepherd. Each piece has custom designed patterns using fruit slices, wedges and cross sections of inside textures to add an element of fun to the sophisticated and stylish furniture suggestions.

The fruity theme was accompanied by a heavy fringe, cane, raw wood and colour blocking look, focusing on soft mints, luscious pale yellows, blushing peaches and topped with a bang of corals and rusts. “The contrasting palettes make for a vibrant and good-feels collection, which we are truly proud of,” says Kate.

Cane & Mint Daybed is a modern and sleek line daybed, with mint soft touch material, cane backboard and an extended base to allow for side table accents.
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Cane Throne Chair is a panelled cane shape throne chair with armrests, with or without the cushion in a soft pale wash on raw wood.

“We have been wanting to make this chair for so long and it’s taken many prototypes, stains and paints to get it right, but we love this bold statement piece, where the touch of any cushion especially a fruity one, can give it even more personality. This is a trademark piece.” Kate Shepherd

Round Drinks Trolley, this one metre round ring trolley has three shelves: the first shelf has enough space for a bottle collection, with a wooden finish for strength; the second shelf boasts a mirror, which allows for the elements above and perfect for glassware and the final is a clear shelf for display right on top. The sturdy and modern trolley is finished in gold with Perspex wheels with a touch of classic and sexy. A little bigger and more robust than your standard drinks trolley.

“This trolley has been spruced up and turned into a mod version of its former vintage self – larger than life, it’s a real statement piece in the room. Originally created as a custom build for a close friend, it was clear this would be the perfect addition to the range.” Kate Shepherd

Peach Side Board Couch, with interchangeable cushions (this can come with the dragon fruit print or plain peach) on washed raw wood, comes with an interesting side board and side table.

“We love the idea of multi-use pieces – items such as these, with side tables attached, save on space and cost. This piece gives a modern feel with the cushions just melting into the couch. The dragon fruit print is perfection here looking like a black and white subtle print.” Kate Shepherd

Rust Mod Couch has sleek lines, no armrests and simple bold shape. No mess, no fuss and super chic.

“Sexy, Sleek and Mod. The colour makes us want to curl up in it forever – before it was named the pantone of the year, we used it in our collection as we wanted a bold coral touch. This couch is our master piece in the range.” Kate Shepherd

Fringe Mirror – Round, this statement piece is round and pink in colour with a bold fringe drop.

“For those who love fringe, but only want a touch, this colourful mirror is an awesome accent and stylish décor specimen.” Kate Shepherd

Fringe MirrorAngled is an angled unique shaped mirror with mint / green fringe drop.

“For a slightly more interesting and larger mirror, the Fringe Mirror is the mint version of the fringed item. It is a great addition to a hallway, bedroom or in clusters of the same wall.” Kate Shepherd

Finger Daybed, the scalloped dragon fruit pattern serves as the punching piece here, with soft yellow base and colour block, rust cushion.

“This daybed is bold and if you are someone who wants to make a statement in a stylish fashion, this piece is for you. A black and white polka effect with pastels and a bold cushion, the Finger Daybed is a great edition for an entrance way or feature wall moment.” Kate Shepherd

Cork Coasters think of any and all fruity prints onto cute cork coasters touches for any table.

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