The ‘50s are back in the contemporary aesthetic imagination, defining a new stylistic code that favours geometric lines, formal abstraction and simple details, while still retaining a minimalist decorative language. Carlo Colombo’s creative genius translates this design experience into a treasure that is expressed in the Frame bedroom collection, thus renewing his successful collaboration with Giorgetti.

The lines are simple yet distinctive, the materials are combined to provide an unexpected tactile experience. The natural grain of the wood and hues of grey – from dove-grey to slate – create a graphic image that complements the exquisite lateral frame in leather, which is the common theme throughout the collection. The monolithic appearance of the bed, the side tables and chest of drawers is mediated by soft items and by including a mirror and a contemporary version of a valet stand, which can be used in many ways throughout the home. It’s a multipurpose item designed with the quality and exclusive touch for which Giorgetti is known.



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