Wellbeing is key in finding that sacred space that speaks straight to the soul, a place that softens the edges of every day and elevates the mood. It’s vital to create a bedroom that inspires awakening every morning and offers calm at the end of each day.

Such a sleep sanctuary can be created in five easy steps: Select furniture that is both comfortable and practical to fit in with both a chosen lifestyle and personal décor. Ensure proper rest with the right mattress, pillows and duvet inner – i.e. support via quality and comfort. Go to bed feeling content and awake feeling happy by choosing high quality bed linen that feels soft and luxurious. Create a calm, peaceful mood with soft lighting and a few candles; selecting the right room fragrance can also make a positive difference.

Lastly, surround the sleep area with beautiful accessories: a few lightweight throws, scatter cushions and perhaps a rug that ties the scheme together.

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