The Yatas Zero Gravity mattress accommodates itself to all the body’s profiles and sleeping positions due to its 5 Zonal Wallaby spring system. It was designed by coil-within-coil (spring within spring) technology, which easily attunes to all body movements. Working to provide uninterrupted, comfortable and healthier sleep quality, these mattresses feature brand new technologies for various sleeping needs. 

The natural sleeping movements that occur due to the comfort and support of the Wallaby spring system make the muscles relax. The 5 Zonal system maintains the natural position of the spine and accommodate the body movements perfectly during sleep by moving more smartly than regular pocket springs. Outer high springs provide delicate support for the body profiles that have low mass index, while inner short springs provide the correct support for body profiles that have high mass index by coming into play when needed.

A further plus factor is Adaptive™ Technology Humidity Managements used for the Zero Gravity mattresses. This feature disperses humidity by around 67 percent and evaporates it up to 25 percent. Due to this rapid humidity discharge, Adaptive™ technology provides a personal sleep temperature, even though this can differentiate between males and females.

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