Shanghai – electrifying and fast outside, opens up inside to new intuitions and needs. The scenario in which we set social relationships, concrete spaces with a qualitative dimension. The home as a stage for both important moments and everyday life.

The philosophy of Sicis is absolute: to build reassuring environments, with a tangible sense of stability; at home, as in life.

The whole is certainly scenographic, but without a careful use of materials, such a result is not attainable. Only in Italy one can find craftsmen to create very particular products, artistic mosaics and refined detailing.

In this project, entirely conceived and created by Sicis, the ambiance revealed is a combination of tradition, fashion and comfort. The overall intention being to give life to the physical and sensorial experiences of the owners.

In the main living room, scenic appeal is created by an artistic mosaic on the ceiling, depicting ferns. And a Vetrite tri-dimensional wall of rectangular shape, which results in an association between the geography of the place and the design construction. The atmosphere is completed by a system of assembled sofas, ottomans and tables, freely inspired by the design and architecture of the ‘70s.

Dolium sofas, with removable fabric cover, are a mélange of classic and contemporary.

The Tape tables, together with the Island poufs, create a sinuous movement of full and empty, light and dark, which changes according to the function of the objects and the pattern of the Vetrite selected for the table structure.

The reading room houses a couple of Jules leather armchairs with fabric backs that meld well with the Blake bookcases and Ray tables. In the centre, two Mars coffee tables in Vetrite form an asymmetrical circular top.

Finally, the dining room is in a prospective vision between the relaxation areas and the outdoor terrace. An Osas table dominates the entire room, illuminated by the Drop ceiling lamp, in coloured glass and metal. The Island sideboard is the backdrop for a Vetrite wall, reminiscent of a painting by Piet Mondrian.

Sicis creates unique and inimitable environments, where each structural component becomes a decorative element of the whole. Architecture is built by shaping materials and creating intricate detailing. The products – from furniture to decorations in mosaic and Vetrite, from floors to luminaires – are characterised by intricate attention to detail and commitment to research and quality.

From the most luxurious hotels in the world to superyachts, private residences, spas and wellness centres, this Italian art mosaic company collaborates with the most renowned international designers.

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