Constant research into quality and visual standards is an intrinsic part of Scarabeo Ceramiche. It continues with the concept of the DecorLab mood: an experimental exploration that applies to decoration all the technologies that this type of application offers.

It’s resulted in four new types of ceramic decoration, with guaranteed effects in terms of appearance and shape, enhanced by innovative combinations with an undeniable visual impact. It can evoke a new concept for an elegant and personalised bathroom; transformed into a unique and trendy setting.

Quadrotto, Sfere, Rigo and Neutro are the four latest patterns proposed by Scarabeo:

QUADROTTO – Relief decoration, available in numerous colours and applicable to the exterior of the Teorema 2.0collection of basins. The texture has a lozenge-shaped motif with a contrasting visual and tactile effect with the ceramic.

SFERE – Relief pattern available in a whole range of colours, applicable to the exterior and interior of the Glamcollection of basins. The decoration is designed specifically to give the ceramic surface a ‘material chromatic vibration’ that’s tactile.

RIGO – Linear geometric relief decoration, available in numerous trendy colours and applicable solely to the exterior of the Teorema 2.0 collection of basins. This type of pattern creates a dynamic 3D effect that’s entirely new with respect to the current ceramic surfaces.

NEUTRO – Extremely elegant relief decoration and an alternative with an incredible visual impact in its various colours. A tone-on-tone effect creates an attractive contrast between the opaque texture and the shine of the ceramic; the result is a basin with incredibly refined visual and tactile features.

The new SFERE and RIGO decorations are also proposed in the FASCIA solution, applicable to both the interior and the exterior of all washbasins in the Glam collection. A decorative idea that further enhances the basin in its trendiest version.

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