Artist SaySay.Love began a creative journey in recent years when he was inspired by the vast natural beauty of Cape Town, which he now calls home. This journey of visual reflection has culminated in the moving body of work entitled ‘THE GIFT OF WATER’.

‘THE GIFT OF WATER’ is a bequest to the City of Cape Town. SaySay believes that visitors to the exhibition will be moved by their experiences and take with them inspiration to support his vision to create a better society for all.

“When I create images it is a personal connection to that moment, so it is important to me that when people look at my art they too can be moved by my experiences. If viewers are moved then hopefully they will be motivated to play their part in making society a better place for all”


SaySay captures life’s precious and fleeting moments, drawing inspiration from his experiences with both nature and the urban environment. SaySay has a visual disability which affects his perception of depth but enables him to see the world in his own unique way. This way of seeing gives him a perspective of the world where his focus is deeply grounded in his emotional experiences.

“Not being able to perceive things three-dimensionally, makes me more curious and drives my creativity – I seek a ‘deeper meaning’ in both my art and life”

Scenes and images that instantaneously capture his interest and emotions are processed in a complex manner and shared with his viewers, inviting them to enter his world. His oeuvre ranges from commentary on the natural world to the surreal and fantastical. SaySay’s approach is to distort perception and re-present what is ‘real’ with what is a common tool in our everyday lives – the cell phone. His compositions are vivid, pure and defined by our collective memories.

“Through alienations within the representations of different landscapes, as well as details from the great themes of ‘nature’, viewers are challenged to approach the works reflectively” Dr. Ellen Markgraf, Art Historian


SaySay.Love is inspired by the resolve and resilience of the people in Cape Town, and South Africa. For this reason, he has decided to donate all the profits from his exhibitions to support and inspire solutions for challenged communities and above all education for the youth – our future leaders.


SaySay has challenged his audience to donate generously to the causes he is supporting in an effort to educate the youth and public at large around water scarcity, and to mobilise solutions around water preservation and management.

The first of many initiatives will take place in challenged communities and will include projects like the establishment of a community garden and creative workshops. SAYSAY will share his knowledge of and experiences with photography to help inspire the youth to use photography as a way of seeing things differently.

All of these workshops and programmes are supported by a range of specialists in their fields who have also generously dedicated their time.

The first organisation that SaySay has chosen to support is Lalela.

The Exhibition: 

Photographer SaySay.Love will be exhibiting a photography exhibition at One11 Gallery on Loop Street, Cape Town.

The exhibitions open on 24th November until the 4th December.


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