We have a country renowned for its scorching summers. However, the icy chill of winter does eventually settle into our homes for a few months. This means, it’s the time to gear up for the season, so your family doesn’t have to spend uncomfortable nights wandering around the house shivering as if they’re in an igloo. Trying to avoid high electricity costs doesn’t need to be a worry either.

“The rising cost of energy has always been a key consideration we face every winter – how to keep the electricity bill to a reasonable level while keeping warm. We have spent time and research creating ways to warm up South African homes, while still keeping energy costs down,” says Robert Larkan, Head of Digital Air Solutions at Samsung South Africa.

Here are a few ideas to help you warm your winter:

Use Your Head

While you may have heard that you lose 80% of your body heat through your head, that’s not entirely true. It does however help to keep it protected. While we keep the rest of our body clothed we often neglect our head, so a hat can only help reduce the amount of areas of your body that’s exposed to the cold.

Don’t Invite Winter In

The area under your door can let in a lot of unwelcome cold. A pool noodle can however form a very effective barrier. Simply cut a pool noodle in half lengthwise, wrap it in fabric and slide it under your door.

Dress Up Your Windows for Winter

You’re not wearing a skimpy top while outside so neither should your windows. Replace thin curtains with heavier wool or fleece drapes in the winter. But be sure to open them on sunny days for free heat.

Bake Up a Winter Storm

When you use your oven you end up heating up your home a little as well. So invite a few friends over for a few warm and welcome home-baked cookies. The extra body heat doesn’t hurt either.

Sleep On It

It may sound obvious but many people forget that fluffy blankets should be closer to your skin. Thin, dense blankets should be on top to prevent convective heat loss. Bonus tip: Don’t put your bed directly against an exterior wall.

Use Your Air Conditioner

This winter, you’ll appreciate Samsung’s Wind-Free™ air conditioner. Not only does Wind-Free™ ensure a constant temperature in summer. It does so in winter too. Instead of simply moving air around, like a conventional fan does, the Samsung’s Wind-Free™ system gently disperses cool and still air through micro air holes for a natural cooling effect in summer and a warming affect in winter. And because it’s energy efficient, it also has a positive effect on your energy bill. The fact is, with Samsung’s Wind-Free™ air conditioner you can keep warm, healthier and save on energy costs.

And with built in Wi-Fi, it enables you to control the settings anywhere, anytime via a Smart Home app on your smartphone. This makes it more convenient than ever before to arrive home to a warmer home. As a company committed to human-centred technology Samsung is pleased to be deliver this level of innovation, designed to make life easier, especially during the season when effortless comfort is so welcomed.

Text and images by Samsung

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