Only a decade ago, a television set was merely a functional element of domestic life. The residential scenario has, however, evolved. And so has the TV. It now needs to coordinate with a particular design aesthetic and should, therefore, offer a bouquet of options for contemporary living areas.

Samsung’s 2019 QLED range has risen to the challenge. Firstly, with the Samsung 8K QLED, every scene is amazingly vivid and real. It’s like 3D without the glasses; and with more colours than the human eye can detect, infinite details and optimised audio, the viewer sees, feels and hears as if the scene is occurring in real life.

Together with 8K resolution, Samsung’s HDR technology delivers maximum brightness to the scenes’ settings and conditions within an individual interior. Additionally, the QLED range sounds good in every way because it can analyse what’s playing and automatically optimise the sound. This means the viewer is able to hear a pin drop in a movie, or feel vicariously that they’re in the concert being watched.

The new Voice Command feature on 2019 QLEDs enables the ability to easily access the content through effortless voice commands. To provide even more entertainment options, it offers a new iTunes Movies and TV Shows app and supports Apple AirPlay 2.

In terms of aesthetic appeal, it’s goodbye to an empty black screen when not watching TV. Whether the viewer prefers artwork or cherished photos, in Ambient Mode 2.0, the QLED can also match your wallpaper and has animated screensavers that transform the living area effectively and personally.


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