Italtile searches the globe for beautiful and innovative products to inspire South Africa to live beautifully. Very often, the road to world-class products leads them right back to South Africa.

And to SAMCA Wall, the manufacturers of superb wall tiles.

Meet Origami Satin White and Louvre Satin White, both extraordinarily beautiful examples of SAMCA Wall’s mastery of monocotura (single fired) wall/floor combination tiles. Each offers homemakers an eye-catching texture to create an outstanding feature wall.

Origami Satin White Glazed Ceramic Wall Tile (on the cover)

A sense of ‘weave and fold’ that fingers long to feel. Origami’s 3D texture creates a fascinating surface for the play of light and shade, reflecting shifting moods throughout the day as the light changes. Origami creates not just a feature wall, but also, a talking point. Can be applied horizontally or vertically to suit customer tastes.

Louvre Satin White Glazed Ceramic Wall Tile

Think Hamptons sea, sun and sand. Think eternal summer. Think painted, timber-clad walls. Think Louvre Satin White with its unique outdoorsy, shutter-board feel. Create decorative, cottagey interest in the kitchen, the bathroom or informal living areas. Apply horizontally or vertically in bond or stacked lines to create a feature wall.

Tile technical detail:
Size: 265 x 800 wall tile
Material: Glazed Ceramic
Surface: White satin finish
Colours: White
Faces: 1 finish to create a seamless, uniform finish
Joints: Grout gap of 3 – 5 mm
Use: Panelling
Origin: Sourced locally to reduce our carbon footprint



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