Clean lines with a sleek look seems the way forward for contemporary style in outdoor furnishings and this should continue to grow in popularity by end 2016. The preference is characterised by the use of metals or metallic finishes; an urban-inspired look that underscores the outdoor room as an extension of the overall interior decoration signature.

So what is key when choosing contemporary crossover outdoor furniture?

Brendan Williams of French import Ligne Roset says: ‘Besides the obvious features that include durability, low maintenance and comfort, it needs to be stylish; and can enhance one’s landscaping with statement pieces often being used as one would place a sculpture. Take Dögg Design’s Fifty wingback armchair as an example with its striking high backrest and distinctly mid-Century modern inspiration. With outdoor spaces increasingly becoming extensions of the interior in contemporary architecture, there is a call for outdoor furniture that is as suitable indoors as it is out.’

In terms of overall rationale Alon Sachs of Mobelli says: ‘The new luxury is time. There is not enough of it and so the time spent on relaxation is important. No maintenance, no hassles, no cushions to bring out – this can only be possible through high-echelon R&D and thought processes. It involves superior materials that can be left outside until the next usage.’

Comfort is key as far as Mia Delport from Patio Warehouse is concerned. She adds: ‘Contemporary is all about cosy yet open, uncluttered living. It can involve classical designs simplified to create an entertaining area with a clean and inviting ambiance. A recent trend is to combine different textures, from various types of materials; some inspired by nature, plus wood with aluminium or aluminium with artificial wicker and / or polywood. Overall the design signature is casual, clean and modern, yet the mélange of textures enlivens it. For me, the main aim of contemporary outdoor design is easy-living furniture that’s easily maintained.’

For the full article see Habitat #255 September / October 2016