Ramón Esteve is an Architect and Designer, one facet having arisen as a consequence of the other. In 1991, he founded Ramón Esteve Estudio under the belief that architecture is a global discipline. His architectural training evolved from a transversal view in which architecture and design form one single concept. He sees these disciplines as almost inseparable, generated under the same laws and a similar project premise. His aim is to develop complete environments, through a mutual interaction between both disciplines, believing that design acts on architecture and vice versa; while giving each the importance and respect they deserve.


After thirty years of his professional career, the retrospective exhibition of the work of Ramón Esteve is a compilation of the most iconic pieces created throughout his professional career for different national and international prestige brands. This showroom installation takes place within the framework of the Habitat Valencia Fair and was designed by the architect and industrial designer himself. It continues the series of recognitions that the event has already started to introduce since the last edition. This directed to professionals with a special significance in the habitat sector, and with a relevant link with Feria Habitat Valencia.

visit: www.ramonesteve.com

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