Cover image: Classic Trading. Like any other interior space, bathrooms are sensitive to fashion and design trends. Yet, as with kitchens, investment in their redecoration can be substantial, so their reconstruction and revamping require research. In 2020 South Africa, there’s plenty of variety insofar as minimalist bathroom design for smaller urban dwellings and for larger homes with space for a freestanding tub or spa bath and walk-in shower.

The concept of bathroom design can be linked to the design signature of the entire living space, i.e. it’s in synch with the full visual identity. Renowned names in international design continue their R&D of bathroom collections, inventing, developing and collaborating with manufacturers in the creation of a wide variety of hardware and bathing appliances. Developing trends are robust and are continually influenced by global design; as is the case with other aspects of interior design and architecture.

Importers Afrikano Tile & Decor say: ‘The modern-day bathroom represents a delicate point of expression for the homeowner, taking its place alongside the kitchen as an extension of style and functionality. We’ve noted the development of several trends which allude to the rise of minimalism, industrial-chic, as well as a focus on sustainable materials in modern design. We’re guided by these trends in contemporary décor and a leading example is the Gessi 316 collection.’

Contemporary design principles here offer the unmatched resilience of steel, while involving sustainable materials and an inherently clean aesthetic. Premium quality, 100 percent recyclable steel introduces warmth with choice tones and a metallic sheen with a selection of textures and patterns added to the finish to provide sophistication and personalisation. Gessi 316 (illustrated on these pages) naturally complements a wide variety of finishes, making it a flexible addition to any bathroom setting without detracting from an already established choice of aesthetic. These products epitomise Gessi’s well earned epithet: ‘The Designer of Water’ with showerheads, taps and sinks shaped by cutting edge hydrodynamics. It’s a statement of both style and private wellness.

2020 will undoubtedly see further development in sanitary ware. The natural shift towards raw and organic materials find their compliment in this range, while there is an alternate trend towards the exciting and intrigue. Bathroom wallpapers, gold finishes and dripping reds may steal the show, but 316 remains an elegant and appreciated inclusion.

For the full article see Habitat #276 March / April 2020 | Habitat Online #7 April / May 2020

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