A hundred years after Achille’s birth anniversary and 50 years after Pier Giacomo’s death anniversary, Poltrona Frau wanted to celebrate Castiglioni brothers with the launch of a Limited Edition of the Sanluca armchair.

Presented for the first time in 1960, at the XII Triennale Museum in Milan and included in the Poltrona Frau catalogue in 2004, the Sanluca armchair is one of the greatest icons of Italian design; and communicates tangible proof of the extremely close relationship between Achille and Pier Giacomo Castiglioni.

The Sanluca Limited Edition armchair commemorates this extraordinary relationship and simultaneously tells the story of another design giant, the Swiss artist and graphic designer Max Huber, who was connected to the Castiglioni brothers by a long-lasting friendship. He is the man behind the drawing used to develop the original and precious fabric that upholsters the Sanluca Limited Edition. It’s available in 100 limited pieces, 50 upholstered in white on a black background and 50 in black on a white background.

visit: www.poltronafrau.com

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