The fireplace is not just a piece of functional equipment anymore and has changed significantly since it was first introduced. Becoming the intelligent fire, it provides the interior with a warm ambiance of natural flames, sophistication and a high level of safety. Fire Line Automatic 3 (FLA3) by Planika allows one to control the fireplace using an application on a smart device.

Driven by technology development, FLA3 can be integrated with any type of Smart Home System installation and operated with a smart device over Wi-Fi. Bespoke models are personalised to each project, providing unlimited arrangement possibilities. Thanks to the patented BEV technology (Burning Ethanol Vapours) the fireplace burns with no smell, ash or smoke. BEV technology allows control of the height of the flames up to six levels. The fireplace doesn’t require any hard connections or ventilation, therefore can be placed anywhere.

FLA3 can be built in the wall, within a piece of furniture or positioned on the ground; it can be painted in any RAL tone. To create an endless line of fire, several fireplaces can be placed together and can be operated with a single remote control or a mobile device.



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