On March 16th 2019, Giving is Living will be hosting the first major project called Pieces for Paws. This event will be a Charity Art Auction, which will be held at Atlantic Beach Country Club, Melkbosstrand in Cape Town. The auction will feature over 60 local and international artists’ work and the funds raised will go towards three animal charity organisations: Wolwerivier Outreach Work, Mdzananda Animal Clinic and the recently added SANCCOB.

The theme of this auction will be creating art from trash. Children from the Wolwerivier and Khayelitsha Townships will be creating artworks with rubbish they collect within their community. Workshops will be organized within the townships to assist the children with this project, to ensure that those not artistically inclined can be involved as well.

This will give the children the opportunity to learn about the importance of keeping their environment clean, whilst getting them interested in art. In addition, the project will be incentivized. All the children that participate will be rewarded in the form of a prize; an experience and not something tangible that has the potential to be sold – preventing the opportunity to use the money for drugs and alcohol.

The pieces will then be auctioned at a Wine & Cheese Art Auction event on the 16th of March 2019. The proceeds will go back into the community and to be used to help the animals and pets, through the two organizations Wolwerivier Outreach Work and Mdzananda Animal Clinic.

In order to attract a larger crowd to the Art Auction, local South African artists have been invited to join the cause and sponsor some pieces of art. The response has been incredible with the organizers managing to secure donations from artists all over South Africa. Below is a list of the artists who will be donating their work to this cause:

Anton Smit
Anthony Evans
Alan Raubenheimer
Amy Marie Watson
Aviva Dodson
Anika Joubert
Bernadette Taylor
Candice Johnston
Carrol Boyes
Charmaine Charni Batt
Christelle Flame Musmann
Cherie Roe Dirksen
Cheryl Cattanach
Christopher Reid
Clare Hearne
Cornelie Wolff
Creative Copper
David Bucklow
David Griessel
David Kuijers
Diane Long
Dyanne Jackson Brown
Frans Smit
Frans Thoka
Gerard Thys
Hennie Niemann Snr
Izak Niemann
JD Ross
Jurgen Dunhofen
Kyle Rinquest
Lara Mellon
Leonie E Brown
Leila Fanner
Lelane Hartman Bouwer
Lize Du Plessis
Lizelle Esterhuizen
Lorenzo Bruno
Lucinda Watermeyer
Mandi Knee
Martinus Van Tee
Melissa Niemann
Mervyn Dragsund
Michael Funksumone Wolmerans
Natasha Bell
Peter Majaha Mumbi
Reece Swanepoel
Richard Scott
Shani Mavani-Ramnarain
Steven Manuel
Stefanie Rijnvis
Susan Proctor Hume
Tendai Dlamani
Thabiso Dakamela
Themba Mkhangeli
Therese Rink Streicher
Tony De Freitas
Wilma Cruise

Purchase tickets here

visti: www.givingisliving.co.za/piecesforpaws